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if the blasphemy that is
Yesterday at 6:22 AM possibility of worshiping Satan inside the Academy is approved by the USN,
it'll mean their (Academy's and USN's) way to Hell
Amen, the Lord, Our LORD, He is ONE LORD! thou shalt have no other God's before ME! there should be no doubt that we are talking about the God, of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob! no doubt the intent was to remind all Americans that we have a Loving and Faithful GOD...

its really far more simple than folks want to make it.... it really is, ask BD Popeye or Jeff Head....

Air Force Brat

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To my knowledge there is no recognition by the service of the Church of Satan either. However I don’t think is grounds for removal from service. Basically if they get approved oh well. If they don’t well they will make there own decisions.
My cousin is a Navy Chaplain, hes an awesome guy, and loved and respected by all he has served in the USN! I'm not saying that because he is my cousin, his Brother is NOT a man of faith, I love them both. But the good CAPTAIN USN, could give you a very good explanation of the service, and why this is absolutely an abomination to the USN, as well as the country at large....

respectfully to all, especially those who disagree with me, you are indeed sovereign, and free to choose, as our friend Terran has reminded us..... but there are consequences for the decisions you make....
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@Air Force Brat,
  1. I am not a member of that particular faith. My personal standing is at this point agnostic. I do not see the appeal of this group beyond fetish to parody much like the Pastafarians.
  2. That said our Constitution is structured on acceptance. As I pointed out historically individuals with odd belief systems have served their respective national armies very well. As long as their individual beliefs do not interfere with there duties.
We as a nation have enshrined life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. With the first of our first of the bill of rights establishing “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”
As such the government of these United States recognizes that it has no right to restrict belief just as it has no right to favor such. You or I may not view there group as right or as some form of cult however as a arm of our government they have to be allowed to practice as they see fit.
CNO Gilday: Navy Needs Partnerships to Remain Strong as it Moves to Higher-End Warfare
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“I believe that the United States Navy is at a transformational moment, where we are shifting the central operational hub of our naval operations from strike groups and amphibious readiness groups to our fleet-level. ..."

this is strange considering not so high numbers and top-heavy structure of the current USN
Yesterday at 8:05 AM
US hails Turkish cease-fire; Kurds must vacate border area
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I'd be very careful as it's pretty normal to regroup and resupply after like a week
in fact
Fighting continues on Syria-Turkey border as war crimes alleged
Artillery fire and ground clashes reported in violation of US-brokered five-day truce
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Sep 18, 2019
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The US military has triggered a massive surge of its wartime sealift ships

so let's wait and see how "massive" it is in reality I mean how many of the reactivated ships sail
and now noticed inside
TRANSCOM Stress Test Practiced Cargo Delivery Through Mine- and Sub-Filled Waters
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"TRANSCOM officials are still reviewing the results of the turbo activation, but initial reports indicate that between 80 percent and 85 percent of the ships targeted to participate were able to successfully meet the underway evaluation criteria, Navy Capt. Kevin Stephens, a TRANSCOM spokesman, told USNI News."

thought it'd be worse
dubious idea inside
USAF looks for expeditionary precision landing system for Pacific
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“The ACE concept is basically having a jet land [at a remote location], then a team of maintainers re-arms and refuels the jet, and sends it back into the fight as quickly as possible,” says Master Sargent Edmund Nicholson of 67th aircraft maintenance unit, which is based at Kadena air base in Japan.