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So basically Type45 had reserved space for more missiles, but never used it? And now, instead of more Aster missiles, CAMM missiles will be added to the ship?
Sort of. When the Type 45 was designed, it was decided that a VLS silo of 48 cells was sufficient. The French and Italian Horizon class have the same loadout.

However, because "steel is cheap" as the saying goes, the ship was made large enough that there was space to add more silos in the future. It wasn't decided whether this would be for strike or more missile defence.

Now there's more money in the defence budget, it's been decided to add Sea Ceptor "mushroom" silos - which I think is a cheaper operation than adding a Mk41 or another A-50 VLS.


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One of the Type 45 in HMS QE's CSG have had a problem and has dropped out the group for now.

Unofficial sources suggest she has suffered a WR21 gas turbine engine failure and the unit may need to be replaced.


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Regarding the Type 45's the Sea Ceptor missiles will in effect be replacing the shorter range version of the Sea Viper (Aster 15) missiles. This will allow the 48 cell Sea Viper to carry a full load of the longer range (Aster 30) variant of the missile. Regarding space, having been on board a type 45, i can say that there was quite a bit of free space, in comparison to other RN ships i have been on.


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I don't know about that particular incident but Type 45's IEPS has been nothing but trouble.

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Per this image, I keep hearing that HMS Defender is now also in trouble but haven't find any official source saying this. Anyone heard anything?

It doesn't stop "Great" Britain still trying to play with the big boys, even if it had to give up it's own independence foreign policy.

Yes, go ahead, and get protection for your lone carrier by hiding behind the U.S. protective carriers

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace and his US counterpart Lloyd Austin extended an enhanced cooperation agreement on carrier operations as they met in Washington, according to a release from the Ministry of Defence.

The two met in Washington DC for a day of high-level talks on a range of shared security challenges, discussing the UK-US defence partnership, NATO, Afghanistan and the Carrier Strike Group


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