The War in the Ukraine


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work of "Reservoir Dogs" from Siberia on the Armed Forces of Ukraine near kremenaya

The Russian Defense Ministry has published footage of combat actions of the T-80 tank crews of the Western Military District
Combat missions as part of tank crews are performed by military personnel called up from the Reserve as part of partial mobilization. Tankers of the Western Military District in the special military operation zone provide fire support to motorized rifle units, ensuring the offensive of Russian troops.

This afternoon, armored groups of the Armed Forces of Ukraine tried to break through the front along the highway from Orekhov to Tokmak near Novodanilovka and came under heavy fire, which was corrected by army drones . the Second Armored Group in 3 days in the same place. Today was destroyed،

In Tula, the remains of a drone were found does anyone know what drone is it ?


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but if it’s Ukraine asset they might not bother to stop using
cannon too as they both at war
thank you
It was a Turk one maybe Romanian... roundel on the wings are not Ukrainian. Don't know how many run with transponder on or off.

If it was Ukrainian, it would shot it. It is quite hard to identify if transponder is off, TB2 are flying under a couple of country flags over the Black sea.
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Wagner forces get closer and closer to the center. Fighting and advancing intensifying. Fighting has reached the stadium. At this point over 70% of Bakhmut is now under Russian control. Taking the administration building is symbolic and PR move.

Fighting in Avdiivka intensifying. This front is mainly done by DPR with Russian army assistance. Coke doesn't mean soft drink here.

Ukrainian reinforcement convoy to Chasov Yar found and rained by MLRS.

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Downing of KA52 with what looks like pilot ejecting.
Just an itty bitty rant if I'm allowed.... Can people stop posting tweet-videos with shtty a** obnoxiously loud music?!? What's wrong with these people that they have to upload music on their war videos?

I clicked on the video not knowing my volume settings was at maximum and it scared the crap out of me. Sorry for off topic.

I'll say this... Genius to the inventor of the alligator for putting in an ejection seat on attack chopper.


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Interview with the Czech president Petr Pavel, former army general. He previously served as Chairman of the NATO Military Committee from 2015 to 2018, and as the Chief of the General Staff of the Czech Armed Forces from 2012 to 2015. He won the presidential election in 2023. He ran on a platform of closer cooperation with NATO allies and support for Ukraine. He embraced a hawkish stance on Russia and China.

From the interview:
According to him, Ukraine will have only one attempt to counterattack.
He also says there are limits to the Western military aid Ukraine can receive in the future.
There are also limits on Ukraine's side because, for example, human resources are not infinite. There are also limits to Western aid. We have to be realistic, he says.

America's interest in Ukraine and the level of aid may decrease next year. And when America's interest wanes, many European countries will do the same.

Automatic translation from Polish:
You mention these constraints on the Western side, including that related to the US elections. Then how much time do the Ukrainians have to launch a major counter-offensive to drive the Russians from their territory?

This should happen within a few months. The window of opportunity is open this year. After next winter, it will be extremely difficult to maintain the current level of assistance. War fatigue is not only the exhaustion of human resources and equipment, the destruction of infrastructure in Ukraine, but also fatigue in the countries that are providing aid. Many countries, many politicians are expecting some kind of progress this year. I think Ukraine will only have one attempt to carry out a major counter-offensive. Therefore, if it decides to launch a major counter-offensive and it fails, it will be extremely difficult to get funding for the next one.

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