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Plawolf is at 5,000!

Congratulations Wolfie! and welcome to the club, its kool,,,, I think??? LOL anyway, thanks for your hard work and thoughtful contributions Bub! very proud of you, and remember, the AFB has told the SDF that you are a "bright lad"! glad we have you here to keep us on our toes! well done
In the top ten, Notable Members :)

4 Americans whose one get a a Siamese brother :D Smiley amis.PNG
1 South American the best ;)
2 Chinese
2 Europeans

AssassinsMace ? please declined your nationality o_O

Jeff Head

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Congrats to plawolf for becoming a member of the SD 5,000 post club.

You deserve my friend, you have been here as long or longer than most...and your input and perspective add significantly to the forum.

SD is a special place and the people who have contributed so much and go over 5,000 posts are very much worth the recognition!

Again congrats...glad to have you with us!
Dropping by to wish a merry Christmas and a happy new year to my fellow 5000 post members.
thanks, have a good one
and good luck with Violators (that 'Military Stuff Videos' spammer is frigging amazing, isn't s/he)

I take this opportunity to announce (LOL) I'm going to post less next year; there's no problem (I'm not fed up or something), just because of work (more "extensive" during last two years, with "overhead time"; is going to be more "intensive")

special thanks to my inner circle here: