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adeptitus said:
But you're not denying that the US can get ahold of T-90 components, through Russian military personnel stealing & selling them to scrap/arms dealers, no?

In post #45 & #48 of this thread, you doubt the existance of T-80 and T-90 on US military base. I think I've posted enough links to T-80's for sale here. I'll also agree with your opinion that the US didn't obtain T-90 (or parts of) by legal means, which is the point of my article.

We need to stop looking backward to take pride in inventing the paper or building the great wall. That was a long time ago and the world has changed.
T-80's for sale...that's not t-90 and it could very much be scam's. If not in Fort Irwin while they traing agaist OPFOR us troops use VisMOds (visually modified). If they have sooo many t80's out there and for cheap why don't they buy this tanks then? I mean a production line of soviet spares comes at a fraction of the price a sheridan needs to be operationnal. So please explain that to me? Fact is that there was a time when asswipe eltsin sold almost all what he could in order to appear friendly, but now it's a whole different story.


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Aluka said:
OMG it was a joke.
Speaking of Type80 - why wouldn't they rebuild those tanks in Type96 rather then just upgrading electronics? Probably that tank i just a test bed.
maybe rebuilding those tank take a while in which you can use those time to build new and shiny type-96.:)