Suggestion: Implement Peer Moderation on SDF


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Right, I forgot to add one thing. If the admin and mods decide to implement the report function further, maybe you can stem the report abuse by checking the case reported and then judge whether the report is reasonable or not. If it's not, take note of the reporter and probably tell them why you consider their report invalid (if you have the time to do so) so they won't do it again. I think having a template answer for similar cases would be ideal.

If there is a repeat offender of unimportant/invalid reports, time out their ability to report and give them a warning.

If they still abuse that function, a ban can be considered since:
a) They have been told and warned, and
b) because they intentionally flaunt the rules, they might be the ones you don't want in the forum anyway.


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I'm sorry I came in late on this. But for what it's worth.

A type of deputy mods (peer modulation) from senior members here with reporting buttons that they can use to get the attention of an actual mod if things are felt to be getting out of hands. It may need to be from at least three deputies to report it before it warrant the attention of a mod.

Majority of post with discussion types here are current affairs. As we all sit around awaiting something exciting to happen in the hardware front. As such, I don't think mods are that interested in the general discussion/debates between members. But seniors members here are, and indeed participate actively, and thus are best placed to act as early warnings to other members.

Because most of the discussions/debates are current affairs, they can inevitably contain some degrees of politics. Overall from what I had seen and comparing to other forums I had visited. We are quite well behave. I suggest that we should have a separate section under which members of certain ranks or above (because to have survived to these ranks, we must be quite self constraint) can use to discuss/debate which can include politics. Any other members that do not wish to participate doesn't have to visit this section.

Also, I would like to suggest different types of sanctions for rule breakers. At the moment, it seems to be quite draconian without any recourse. Sometimes its a big jump from 1 week ban to 1 month ban with nothing in between.

Finally, we are know what happened with one of the mods who recently left us. His judgement was rather one sided, and with that leading to people being unnecessarily ban, and with that ban being carried over as further sanction. Maybe a review is needed to allow members here to continue as normal without that ban affecting their future sanction.

That's my few pennies worth

Thanks for listening .