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I would love see Star Wars doing either a movie or series about Grand Admiral Rae Sloane. How she moved up the ladder of the Empire as a gifted Imperial cadet into Admiral and later on helped to form the First Order.



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I think they pretty much laid that out with the novel series.
it’s hard to see Disney playing out a series with the Empire and First Order as the hero’s. I mean Bounty Hunter western okay but the Authoritarian Empire? That’s a bit to much for them unless they want to try to play it tongue in cheek like Starship Troopers. Besides that’s a fairly long career to cover. More likely to be the cameo villain of the week the way they play Tarkin or Thrawn in a series.


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Example, Dave Filoni ended Rebels on a cliffhange that could be the basis of a movie, series or an arc in Mandolorian; the Fate of Ezra Bridger. His work on launching the last season of Star Wars the Clone wars this year proves that one day he will end that cliffhanger. In fact the Mandolorian already touched on that when We saw Asoka Tano demand the location of Grand Admiral Thrawn.
Well from my tablet to gods ears apparently. Rosario Dawson who played Asoka in Mando apparently is all in for the Rebels sequel. She leaked that Starwars: Asoka will have that arc of her and Sibine Wren hunting Thrawn and seeking Ezra.
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Does anyone here watch The Expanse? It's a series focused on humanity in a few hundreds years and the potential geopolitics between Earth, an independent Mars, and asteroid belt + beyond factions (belters). Also, Newtonian physics!