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Low to zero covid 19 cases in New Zealand means the country will be open again to science fiction and fantasy movie and TV production. Didn't we hear that Amazon is making a LOTR TV series?


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What do all these fan boy videos have in common? They're all talking about the same thing during the same time frame using the same talking points. There's more but couldn't post because of site constraints.

All these are supposed independent YouTubers...? It's just like FOX News where all their personalities talk about the same thing. It's not independent. It's all choregraphed. Some of these channels I been watching and they use to love Dave Filoni calling him the savior of Star Wars and now they hate him because of this video of a conference from a couple years ago and they all have a comment on it at the same time?

One of these guys which probably means all of them was complaining about in the new remake of Dune they're having black people in supposedly "traditional" white roles. And then the same guy complained how because the actor Ruby Rose who plays Batwoman on the TV series is leaving after only one season and Warner Bros. studios is looking for LGBTQ person to replace her. He whines, "How come they just can't find any actor regardless of their sexual orientation?" Batwoman is of that persuasion and this guy complains about a non-white playing a "white" role? If you watched the last season of The Clone Wars, it was a short 12 episode season. The middle four featured two female characters that were obviously Latinas. This guy complained about that too. Yeah everyone knows that the cosmos is filled with only white people that follow Western culture. How absurd that they have Latinas in space. If you saw the remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still, the aliens bothered to care about every other animal life but humans and worked to remove them from Earth before destroying it. Like aliens would care like mother nature would care about keeping an environment suitable for human life only to what you hear what environmentalists seem to think and it's their duty to make sure they do what mother nature wants.

These people have to be being paid by some organization to spew out alt-right propaganda. Their core talking point is how the straight white male is being attacked and vilified. Now they know how everyone else felt before. I'm remember reading in the Hollywood trades back when fan boy sites like Aint-It-Cool were the kings of fanboy discussions that it was required reading every morning by studio executives. That seems to be why all these fake independent sites are on YouTube. They're all wishing for Hollywood to fail because they aren't sending the messages to the public that they want. I don't want to watch a bunch of movies starring Kirk Cameron.
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If Dave Filoni's "agenda" brings us actually decent Star Wars then I happily accept whatever that means.


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Disney has eleven Star Wars projects out there coming... Only three of them will be Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni at the helm. I watched Wonder Woman 1984 on HBO Max. That has me concerned what director Patty Jenkins will do with a Star Wars movie. I thought the first Wonder Woman movie was better but not so great villain and this one had a horrible villain too.