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I binge watched the new season of The Expanse. I found this season quite enjoyable. Even though I watched the previous seasons, it was a little too much exposition for my taste.

In a few hours I'll be watching Rise of Skywalker. I read spoilers that have been out a couple months and they seem to be on point from what I gather. It sounds interesting but then just getting scene by scenes with little dialog doesn't tell me it was executed well. We'll see. I'll probably give my thoughts with no spoilers afterwards.


Just came back from watching Rise of Skywalker. It was the best movie of the trilogy. If you've read my opinions of the other two movies, that isn't saying much. Probably the number one problem is the pacing. The first hour they went in to one place and then they were out. Even the climax was quick. Maybe it was intentional that they were light speed jumping. They jumped into light speed for short periods of time without plotting a course which supposedly made it harder for them to be tracked but also damaged the Millennium Falcon. I think the only thing they spent time on in length was the battle between Rey and Kylo Ren. Some reviews described Rise of Skywalker as throwing everything fans liked about the Star Wars universe up on a board and hoping it sticks. All in all it was a visual action movie with a minimum of story.


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I went to watch the Rise of the Skywalker. I thought it was, for all the expenditure on it, an OK movie. I enjoyed it but it does feel like one of those Disney manufactured crap to a formula kind of thing.


I watched Rise of Skywalker in the weekend before Christmas, knowing the sequel trilogy bombed hard I picked the morning screening of the 2D version, aka I get the cheapest possible.

On nostalgia side RoS is okay, it didn't bomb so hard like the one before, but...

Then over the holidays I binge watched The Mandalorian, all 8 episodes...and oh boy, once again the off-shoot outshine the main merchandise (sequel trilogy). Now, Rogue One and The Mandalorian proves the franchise still has hope.
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So Star Trek got in the news these last few weeks, but not because of Picard.
Some fans have been attacking the USAF. Or rather the USSF. President Donald J Trump announced the SEAL of the Space Force. 5FB4B1DF-3F7B-4A28-8565-13989C1D6143.png
The Comparison is often made to this Seal used in Star Trek discovery.F7CDFB93-BBF0-498E-B8C4-FDDF5BF91FAC.jpeg
Which is a modification of this seal used in late DS9 and Voyager. 0FBCA35E-DA20-460F-86F7-39B707A6C98E.png
Although the Delta logo with circular backing can be seen as far back as Star Trek the Motion picture.
However here is the thing the Space Force seal is a evolution of the USAF Space command seal 79DB9673-25F8-445B-B5EE-4BAF800BC625.png
Which in turn was a modification of the Space operators badge at the time 1982—1983. 77E8F48A-DDDF-4DEA-BCA4-2DD4FE2F66E5.png
The delta motif has been in USAF and before it Army Air Forces use since 1941.