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I was just commenting on this elsewhere.
First thoughts.
  1. Picard seems to have runaway from Picard. He was the Brother who openly stated he hated the Vineyard. He was the one who left and joined Starfleet now he’s making wine?
  2. This is NOT TNG. We have action a long running season based plot on the offing and clearly a dirty dingy Starfleet. Modern Adult trek. The perfect well adjusted people are gone and Starfleet can sin.
  3. some of the baddies look like space balls ball troopers.
  4. Data may not be back. It’s clearly a CGI and hopefully one that will improve before release. Picard says he doesn’t want the “game” to end. This could be a Holographic cameo or a Nexis style event where some outside device has allowed the two to play a game of poker.
  5. Picard is pouring himself a drink when Seven calls out to him. That is no Tea pot in his hand. Jean luc May have traded his Earl grey for a harder regular drink.
  6. Romulans are everywhere and Borg are shown once. Picard’s new body guard ( the Elf looking dude) is romulan at least one of the individuals he talks to is clearly sporting the same tats as Nero, another Romulan.
Another release indicates that Franks (Riker) and Spirits (Troi) are at least cameos.


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There's a strategy game called Wargame Red Dragon if ya'll wanna check it out.

List of aircraft:
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Cold war era, but if you mod it you can add:
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ZTZ-99 Added
ZTZ-99A added
ZTZ-85-III renamed ZTZ 90, gun and armor alterations
HQ-61 range increased
FK-3 SAM added
J-10A and J-10B added
J-11 Added
J-16 Added
J-20 added
J-31 Snowy Owl added
Z-10 Helo added
Z-9 recon helo added
Z-19 Light attack helo added
BMP-3 replaces BMP1
PTL-02 replaces Su-100



Speaking of Trek, I didn't know
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Yes I saw a TV news report in the US a couple years ago. It's has automatic sliding doors inside. If I recall correctly there was talk from Paramount Studios they wanted to hold one of the last China release Star Trek movie premieres there. I didn't hear if it happened.