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The Emperor's laugh is a little weird... I hate it when dead characters come back to life... Feels like cheating
I have had a theory since we saw Kylo "Commune" with Vader"s helmet that he is not actually hearing Vader but Sidious. That the vision of Vader he sees is not Anakin Skywalker's Vader but Palpatine's vision of Vader. This in turn has made him the perfect host for the echo of the Emperor. Who feeds off Ren's Dark side and becomes a possession.


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Watched Solo. I was pleasantly surprised. Ron Howard did a wonderful job saving it. There's potential for a spin-off with that female character. But, I got no motivation to see Episode 9 after watching the trailer. Rise of Skywalker? Lame.

As I said before, Disney should hire the writers for video games. IMO, here's a trailer that would get people's attention. Although this is a video game and depending on how it's made, someone could make a movie out of the cinematics alone.

How much more can Disney murder the Star Wars franchise, I wonder?
Where there's a will, there's a way.


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Another nail in the coffin of another franchise?

The fans demanded this one.
Discovery is doing fine getting better and has one more season. Michelle Yeoh has her Section 31 (Think Agents of Shield) coming soon. But a vocal group of fans kept demanding post TNG. With Bring back Picard.
Patrick Stewart apparently changed his mind no idea if he suddenly had a leaky window again. <See Wild Geese II>
Anyway the new series is set post post TNG the year is 2402 This is 7 years before Star Trek Online and 15 years after the destruction of Romulus and Remus the twin homeworlds of the Romulan Star empire by the Hubrus Star Hyper nova. This is the background set by Star Trek 2009.
Where at that event Spock and Nero were thrown back into the early 23rd century and created the Kelvin timeline paradox.
To rectify the Paradox (and not pay JJ Abrams) CBS decided that the movies are a splintered timeline existing parallel to the “Prime” timeline which is visually rebooted by Discovery.
Anyway to appease the fans and milk trek the way Disney has Star Wars CBS is launching Discovery, Section 31, Picard, Lower decks (think the office for Star Trek but animated) and who knows what else.

Sadly this teaser... it comes off as an ED pill commercial.
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Incidentally photos from the production are already being leaked of Picard. And they are using Star Trek Online for the basis of uniforms. I expect if you have ever Played STO you will find yourself finding a lot of familiar things.

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Awesome! Always preferred rock-steady Picard to that womanizing Kirk!
Nope.. I'd rather go into battle with that stud muffin James T Kirk. He will fight and take chances. Tosses rules away if they interfere with his objective. Womanizer? Of course, he's a stud muffin! To me Picard is boring...All kidding aside I never liked that character.

James T. Kirk in action;

and finally....

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