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"The Rise of Skywalker"? So Rei must be Luke's daughter than?o_O;)
It could be anyone. It could be Luke rising from the "dead" since that was probably the most criticized thing about Last Jedi. I wouldn't be surprised if Anakin comes back in some form since the Emperor is back. Maybe Anakin will come back to give his grandson a spanking for following the wrong path using his name.


"The Rise of Skywalker"? So Rei must be Luke's daughter than?o_O;)
My interpretation is that Luke becomes like Obi-Wan Kenobi and talks with Rei in the spirit form.

The Emperor's laugh is a little weird... I hate it when dead characters come back to life... Feels like cheating...

This is why I love The Games of Throne so much. They don't hesitate to kill their main characters and their dead characters stay dead. The final season is almost here!

If there is one character that I would love to bring back to life, it would be Darth Vader. Not in the form of Anakin Skywalker who is pretty much a sore loser. But in the form of actual Lord Vader, the Sith lord. The last moment in Rogue One is so awesome. I must've watched the fight scene dozens of times. That's the ferocious and evil Darth Vader we all love. I may join the Empire just because of my admiration for my Lord :p:D:eek: