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HHI Launched the 2nd and Final Jose Rizal-class Frigate for the Philippine Navy

South Korean shipbuilder Hyundai Heavy Industries launched BRP Antonio Luna, the Philippine Navy’s (PN) second and final Jose Rizal-class frigate. The event took place today at the Ulsan shipyard.
The lead ship ‘Jose Rizal’ was launched on May 23, 2019 at the same shipyard. It is scheduled for delivery to the Philippine Navy in April 2020 and the Antonio Luna on September 2020.
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The Philippine Navy’s José Rizal-class frigate. The Rizal-class is one of the technologically advanced warship in that region. Thanks to HHI, Thales, Leonardo, Hanwha and Aselsan.
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I wonder whether the Philippines is India's first Brahmos customer.

Philippines to order BrahMos missile system in 2020, defence secretary confirms

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Philippine Secretary of National Defense Delfin Lorenzana confirmed on 16 December that his country is set to order the BrahMos supersonic cruise-missile system from India in 2020 as part of the military's modernisation programme.

"Signing of the contract will be in 2020. Possibly on the first or second quarter," Lorenzana was quoted by the state-owned Philippine News Agency (PNA) as saying, adding that Manila is looking to procure "two batteries" under a government-to-government deal.

A missile battery is equivalent to three mobile autonomous launchers with two or three missile tubes each, said the PNA.

The defence secretary was also quoted as saying that, aside from the Philippine Army, the system can be used by the Philippine Air Force, adding that once delivered, the BrahMos will be "the first Philippine weaponry with deterrent capability".


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On December 18th 2019, the Philippine Coast-Guard took possession of their latest and most advanced Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV) from OCEA Shipyards at the occasion of a change of flag ceremony in Saint-Nazaire, France.



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Re: ASEAN military news

At US$300 million for a corvette, Malaysian always go for big ticket small ships.

Check the price list of various corvette below:


Baynunah (UAE)-$137 million

Braunschweig K-130 (Germany)-$309 million

Clyde (Britain)-$47,000,000

Falaj 2 (UAE)-$136 million

Khareef (Oman)-$262 million

Kedah (Malaysia)-$300 million

Knud Rasmussen (Denmark)-$50 million

BAM Maritime Action Ship (Spain)-$116 million

MILGEM corvettes (Turkey)-$250 million

Otago (New Zealand)-$62.6 million

Port of Spain (Trinidad and Tobago)-$76 million

River (Britain)-$31,400,000

Sarah Baartman/ Damen 8313 OPV (South Africa)-$20 million

Sentinel-$47 million

Sigma (Indonesian/Moroccan)-$222 million

Visby (Sweden)-$184 million
Interesting total within Malaysian buy contract by Swedish super class boat(s).

Sweden has 2 + 5 Corvettes in the Navy.


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Indonesia abandons Su-35 purchase plan, seek greater military cooperation with France to procure Rafale Jet, Scorpene-class submarine and Gowind-class Corvette:
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