Self Propelled Gun/Rocket Launcher


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A Tomahawk is basically a single 1000 lbs bomb. If they didn't target the runway the base may return to operation easily. Or Americans are lying and the Russian systems really shot down Tomahawks.

They wiped out research centers among other things. Very precise hits and since cruise missiles can be launched from many different platforms they more versatile than ballistic missiles.
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More firepower for Tibet.






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PLH-03? Are they still producing them or those are refurbished hand-me-down from higher priority divisions?
Yes, those are PHL-03, which has the launcher set up in a way similar to the BM-30. I don't think there are any indications that its production has halted yet, even with the introduction of the bigger and better PHL-16 into the PLA. Even if it is not produced anymore for the PLA, surely it is still being produced for export under designation AR2.


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Why is it there is no complementary anti drone or anti air support for these exercises. In real war case scenario, these artilery bombardment will probably be countered by cheap drones. As it was demonstarted in the Armenia-Azerbaijan war, heavy weaponry is blunted by just remote controlled cheap drones.

This modern combined arms warfare should be practiced more.