Self Propelled Gun/Rocket Launcher


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Do you mean to say major game changer instead?

Also, does anyone have a cost for how much the missiles are?
it is likely to cost significantly less than say DF15, but still quite expensive in absolute terms. nevertheless, this is no major game changer because no single weapon can be a major game changer in today's world of joint operations. What this system bestows the PLA is versatility. whereas DF15 maybe too powerful for certain targets, less powerful but more numerous rockets can cover a whole range of targets that maybe previously allotted to aerial bombing or even infantry.


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Fielding both the traditional tracked SPG and Truck mounted SPG, it can't come cheap.
One of the main advantages of truck mounted SPG is usually cost right? However, each gun looks loaded with "goodies", each has its own radar, automated laying system (assuming from the training pic doesn't look like there is much of a crew around), looks like there is a semi-automatic loading system.
So essentially fielding high (PLZ-XX), slightly less high (new truck mounted SPG), and low (towed) mix of guns.