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The time limit on edits is 20 minutes for regular members I believe. I actually think this is a good idea since you could make edits to your posts after someone writes a response and then everything becomes confusing due to them responding to your original post which you subsequently changed and that person's response may no longer make any sense. The more time you let a post be editable the more likely you're going to have confusing discussions.


@Deino, @siegecrossbow, @Jeff Head,

I've noticed a possible error in the Forum Rules of Behavior. Under the section called "DO NOT DO THE FOLLOWING", the second sentence in the 3rd bullet point from the bottom says, "Always provide a source if quoting someone else." But because the section title says "do not do the following", this sentence becomes "do not always provide a source if quoting someone else". I think this might be an error and contrary to what was intended. If so, could you make a correction, such as moving the rule to the section titled "GENERAL RULES"?

Thank you!

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In the last week twice I've seen a pop-up from McAfee stating it blocked a dangerous connection on this web site. Next time I see it I'll do a screenshot of it.
HI Webby! I am not able to log in on Defense Talk for some reason, says it doesn't recognize my email??? Did I get banned over there?? LOL??


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Hey webby, any way to make it so new member can only start threads after 10 posts? There seems to be extra spammers recently.


I can only agree with this suggestion. During the recent weeks we have a flood of new idiots, which only came here to offer illegal things and spam.

Also, PLAESE promote as long promised the new moderators.
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