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As is tradition, I demand that all bans be announced on the ban thread along with the reason so people don’t have to wonder where everyone went. Especially in these worrying times.

You are correct and that was my fault, since I missed to add the latest ban in that thread.

I agree. When Airforcebrat bans people, he doesn't announce anything. Very unprofessional behavior.

Please see above, the problem however is that Air Force Brat still cannot post in the moderation section and again; I missed it.


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I do not understand.

He mocked me for posting that video of that 7 year old pleading for unity in fight against C19
And a minor point. AndrewS mocked me in his earlier and first direct posting when I said I got about 5000 friends in Facebook ever since I started to write there fully for a year now.

I do have 40++ friends there that knew me for decades. But nearly 5000 that I accepted their offers of friendship for my writings
in the parrot and bird and cat world in the last year.


I place AndrewS into ignore list as I do not wish to have any more contact with him.

Yet he is still able to write direct posts to me that I refused to read.
Is not ignore also applicable to private posting?

You can read his insults to me in his direct posting to me if that is enough cause to ban him.

And if not, I hope someone here can stop him from further writing and interacting with me please.




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Lest someone forgets, this is a forum suggestions and questions thread, not a place to rant and vent.

If you have an issue, contact me or one of the mods in PM conversation. If a user posted insult or derogatory remarks towards you, use the REPORT feature.

Train yourselves to handle criticism, difference of opinion... every single word/post is not worth complaining over.

Again, if user is violating rules, report it.

Locking this thread for now.

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