Russian Su-57 Aircraft Thread (PAK-FA and IAF FGFA)


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Ah How? I mean you tend to want to have an actual aircraft to show one. Unless this is a modified prototype or just a mock up the Russians have what 1 production bird incomplete last I checked and one crater.


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Since this is merely the T-50KNS ground-test prototype dressed up as a mock-up for the export version, I wouldn't bet these are actual Izd. 30 engines (it's the only major difference to the configuration it was shown in at MAKS 2019). Could just as easily be new nozzles only, although the barriers round the aircraft (absent from the MiG-35 displayed right next to it, and also not present on the Su-57 during the defence minister's visit) are interesting...

Apparently the general public are not supposed to look down the intake ducts (And maybe see a blocker or LoS-blocking IGVs? Or notice the absence of real engines?). Certainly intriguing.


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This was in the restricted zone(...with photos on twitter, lol).
Configuration apparently represents the actual production article.