Russia sells S-400 systems to China


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This aged incredibly poorly. No further analysis required.

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This Maria is hilarious. :D The luring Russia against China or putting wedge between China and Russia was a so old trick propagated by western media more than a decade ago (2008ish). And yet she still picked it up in 2020, dusting it, then try to sell it. They never give up. :rolleyes:

This one particularly reminds me something.
The biggest crack involves New Delhi’s suggestion that Moscow join the US-led Indo-Pacific grouping, which is widely seen as anti-China
Didn't Obama/Clinton "offered" China to be the 2nd in command (hatchet man) of the US led world order in the early 2000s? Chimarica purposed by some US think-tank. Now they (or just New Delhi) "offered" Russia the same position. I wonder if they (or just Modi) really think others are as stupid as themselves.

I am seeing Modi saying "I have put on a leash around my neck, it feels great, I suggest you get one too."