Russia As A Chinese Hegemon's Right Hand Man


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I am strongly against a formal treaty alliance with Russia.

a) Russian and Chinese strategic interests overlap in terms of multi-polarity and anti-hegemonism.
b) Russian and Chinese military collaboration is very strong and robust.
c) Russian and Chinese share many of the same interests as far as countering US imperialism in developing countries and themselves.

That's great, Russia and China should be "Comprehensive Strategic Partnership", but never a Formal Treaty Alliance. (See Sino-Soviet Split in height of Cold War and how 'anti-Americanism' and 'anti-imperialists' was an insufficient glue)

China should never get into a quagmire in Eastern Europe or Middle East to defend Russian sphere of influence, OR defend Russia from NATO invasion or get into Cold War 2.0 situation where it has to choose between West or Russia.
I would agree with China not entering into a formal treaty alliance with Russia, and vice versa.
OTOH, China is striving towards a multi-polar world where Russia should play a major role. Hence a strong strategic partnership works to both countries' advantages. The only people not happy to see this development are the Anglos.
Being strategic partners, China should help Russia secure its interests in Europe and central Asia because I see a convergence of interests at these places for both countries, taking the joint military drill to prepare for changes in Afghanistan as a cue. And in return I think Russia will grow to accept the BRI as it is in Russia's interests too.
I predict the Shanghai Cooperation Organization will grow in numbers and in strength.