"Red line" on Taiwan issue

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So Fumanchu, you can read Chinese, I guess as much. :) Since CMF was down and CDF is not talking about it, so what forums that are talking about this issue except maybe here.


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Golly: We are talking about Taiwan red line here. You are certainly welcomed to contribute any of your thoughts if you have one. If you don't agree with the China-Taiwan and US-Hawaii analogy. Just say it and tell us why you don't agree. That's what this "forum" for.

I contribute to threads in which have some points on it. This doesen't. I do howerver conduct my moderators job when ever it's required and it ususually means i have to follow some not so constructiveones like these...My personal obinions have nothing to do wiht me moderating or other breaking forum rules, thats purely job assigned to me to execute.

By the way, you have to be polite and don't ever call other people "BS". We have been keeping on losing forum members to post here because people are using abusive language. Anyone, no matter he is moderator or not, uses that word should wash his mouth with soap.

Well excuse me, but try yourself keep this pac of spoiled kids inline wiht nice words like please...try just for fun to first say that "you ore going oftopic, end it before you get hurt", then after few post "Didn't you hear what just said? Now gut it out" and after that....well get my point? Stop ignore moderators advices and warnings, then you will see us do some nice talking.

Remember, "Club Room" is the place to make friends, not the place to call others "BS", and definitely not the place for moderator (or anyone else) to masturbate himself!

You are teaching me (the one participating to make up the new concept of our oftopicforum) about forum rules?????? But you got the point there, make friends...thats one of the main idea behind members clubroom. So tell me? Is fighting and bashing peoples homecountryes and flaming unnneccecerical rattle a good example of making friends? Haloo???? Why do you think me and PiSigma have needed to intervene? Me moderating has nothing to do wiht getting friends...i don't care what you think of me, just long as you respect the forumrules....

And what comes to that masturbate thing- well are you now speaking nicely? Is it polite (or vise) to call others including moderator doing his job masturbating? That and the fact that i promised so in the previous post has now earned yourself a warnig!! Let it be your last as unlike you may think i don't enjoy banning people...actually it makes me sad, exspecially if it is needed to do over silly and little matters like these...but rules are rules.

I advice you to not reply to this post, nor starting any unneccecerical boasting or whining. Also if you have proplems wiht the forum rules, contact Webmaster or Dongfeng over this matter...


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So that else wont have no wrong ideas or toughts, This forum is subsidor of Sinedefence.com, a website run By Dongfeng, a private person from england. He's effort to bring you all a good coverage of chinese military for free is highly praized and honoruable task. For funding his effort is unclear to me and it's not my buisness to ask this about him. He has the right for privatism and i don't whis to act against it. Tough i may sure you that this forum nor the maisite acts under none govermnetal controll aside form normal laws of England.

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<cough> now going back to the Chen & the National Unification Council issue...

As I've mentioned in another post, the National Unification Council in Taiwan had been dead for 6 years with no activity. It doesn't even have the funds to subscribe to a newspaper.

I don't know if Chen wanted to leave a legacy, or maybe kill the NUC before possible takeover by Ma and KMT in the next election. But his attempt at abolishing the NUC has basically re-animated the dead corpse into a walking zombie like House of the Dead. If he had just left it alone, nobody would've cared. But now it's a walking corpse and making dead lines.

Heaven forbid, if the PRC government gives in to the PLA generals and stage another large military exercise, that walking zombie will be given wings and fly around in circles. When dead zombies fly, even weirder things might happen, like Lu Hsiu-Lien winning the next election (!).

IMO the best course of action now is to just let the walking corpse wander around a bit, maybe it'd lay down and die by itself in a year or two. The more attention you give it, the longer it'd live. In 2 years Chen will be gone and we'd be happier with Ma Ying-Jeou in office.


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In 2 years Chen will be gone and we'd be happier with Ma Ying-Jeou in office.

Somewhat, perhaps. He appears to be a very slippery customer, and it is clear that he wouldn't do anything other than be "nicer" to the mainland. I mean, what do you think the chances of China becoming a multi-party democracy, of the kind that could convince the Taiwanese people to agree to join the P.R.C., are in the foreseeable future? In some respects Chinese people aren't doing themselves any favours by pretending another KMT gov would make everything better. It might make things less stressful, but basic trends (like the increase of a Taiwanese identity on the island) and attitudes (Taiwanese to govern Taiwan only) won't change.

But, yes, the mainland's reaction has been just what Chen hoped for (I guess). If they'd just ignored it then nothing would have happened. But jumping up and down just sends out a negative message. Retaking the Matsu islands like some fenqings have been screaming for would gift the DPP the next batch of elections.


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Typhoon, glad you won't be part of the forum anymore. Which forum would want a person who masturbates on warnings and requests given by the MODERATORS instead of sitting back and relaxing so that you can ponder on the requests?

This forum is here because of SinoDefence.com and DefenceTalk.com, both websites EXPECT YOU to be respectful to OTHER MEMBERs and their countries (even if it is Taiwan). No member is going to last here if we (moderators and admins) cannot provide them with highest level of respect and if we do not enforce that, then everybody will be bashing everybody... which we do not want nor will we entertain those who continue to push for that type of circus around here. You will discuss but with respect to the people involved and highest form of respect to the moderators and admins because they are the people who volunteer and give their time in order to make SinoDefence and SinoDefenceForum a success. And one way for us to be good, successful and respected is when we ban people who ignore moderator and admin warnings and requests. Good bye.
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