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I have a cousin that lives in Duisburg that works in Essen I believe.

Both are kinda nice cities to live in, have some relatives of mine living there too.The city government try to green up the cities by greening old industrial sites and renaturating rivers and stuff, but the train stations there are kinda... Sus.

Then again, I am no one who can complain, Hamburg's Main Station is a giant drug den. Guess after experiencing 1st or second tier train stations in China, everything anywhere else become puny.


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I was in San Francisco today on Van Ness. So I'm at a corner waiting to cross the street and I can hear a siren. When you hear the siren coming everything goes quiet except the siren. It was an ambulance. It roared by doing a Doppler effect and everyone is watching it go by then all of the sudden a gigantic roar filled the skies. I go WTF thinking there was something huge going on but it was just the Blue Angels that were flying low straight over me. They were in San Francisco for Fleet Week practicing. It was just like at one of their airshows were they distract you with something and then one Blue Angel roars by from behind to scare the crap out of you because that engine is so loud. I don't think the ambulance was in on it... But right after that what popped inside my head was those idiots that said the J-20 wasn't stealthy because you can hear the engines. Then if one of them was reading this, they would say, "but the F-18 isn't a stealth fighter..."