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If you want fun study liberal arts. Engineering is hardcore and require advanced mathematics and physics.

True, but I am honest, with a degree in liberal arts there are not many ways to change the world in a good way, where as engineering degree and profound knowledge of math and computer science can move mountains nowadays.

It's a lot of work, but it can also be fun if its what you are interested in. Joint some student teams/groups that interest you, I learnt more through those than the lectures, and you make friends for life.

Good advice, maybe I should message my material science professor for student's project, internship or smth, he seems to be quite amicable.


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what a weird expeirience. Why are korean so much passionate evangelical Christians ? My korean boss & I were going on a work site about 1 hour drive. After few chitchat about different topics, Bro went full preacher mode. I am agnostic by belief but he kept preaching god & was so adamant to convert me. Like seriously wtf. I was trying to put my arguments and my opinion but he felt offended and we end up arguing & discussing for whole journey. Later even when we returned from site, same shit.

my boss is a good person and work really hard but why did he had to forcibly spoonfeed his ideologies to a person who isn’t even interested. We finally ended our conversation in less hostile terms, but still it was mind boggling. Even my american friends never try to impose their religious believes on me.
I wonder how it likes to be a buddhist/muslim in Korea.
Isn't Christianity the dominant religion in south Korea? I think it's maybe the specific branch of Christianity like evangelical Church that's more likely to be aggressive in converting and preaching to non-Christians.


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I was just in a room with a group of people from around the world. They still haven't forgotten this. And I mean, seriously still not forgotten.

We got together and for small talk to start, they started talking about civilization and the great game in Africa was under the guise of "civilization" and bringing civilization.

And then someone else came in, and of course they stopped talking because really, not something to be talking about in professional settings. But then the new guy, himself non-white, started talking about Kipling and the White Man's Burden and stuff. And then they continued talking about it. Repeat like, 4 times.

We had some folks from France and Belgium with us. That must've been the most uncomfortable small talk of their lives.

There's a lot of love still for the United States in the non-western world. But boy have the Europeans really fucked up this time.


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1. Former or current?
2. Regular or Reserve/National Guard type?
3. Actually good soldier or just ‘any’?


Once artillery always artillery.

Was just curious, if sdf has fellow artillery peoples, since PLA is so strongly focused on long range fires.