QTS-11 OICW. 5.8 mm Heavy and 20 mm Air Burst.


I hope that the next upgrade of this system will take advantage of the new service rifle as carbine platform.
The original piece isn't that modular, so if the QTS-11 going to be "uograded", it need to become modular.

This alone is equivalent to redesign the thing altogether.

Then there's the various electronics to upgrade, make them compatible with the current generation of TroopNet and to take advantage of all the advancements made in this decade - fair to be told, QTS-11 is a previous decade's product.

Now, given that the new AR series has yet receive official designation (but the 208 Institute has just got commendation for their work, so it should be soon), don't expect an update/upgrade of the QTS-11 to happen anytime soon. If industry's production capacities indeed reserved 2-3 years to churn out the baseline series for the PLA, the earliest we even heard that new dig getting test trial would be mid-2020s.