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Chinese coffin craftsman overtakes 1/4 of Japan’s market
In 20 years, Li Ruqi, a coffin craftsman from Caoxian county in East China’s Shandong Province has exported 3 million sets of coffins to Japan, accounting for a quarter of the Japanese market.
Now it's the 4th generation business and mostly women working there based on the video.


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I've recently been binging a lot of Pangzai's videos. I think he's a fun, direct, and very down-to-earth type of guy and as an ABC he offers a great window into China's rural working class. I think too many Chinese are brought up to feel insecure about China's status on the work stage that they singularly want to focus on promoting the stylish, cool, and idealized elements of Chinese society that we forget to appreciate the heroes that are the working-class poor. China doesn't need to become a superficial and materialist society to the extent like S. Korea is today with everyone trying to look like Kpop idols or luxury brand names.
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This is a good video from Guli who debunk the fake Xinjiang genocide video from China hater Laowy
Funny thing they say she is not UYghur because she look like Han What? Uyghur are Mongoloid they originate from what is now Northern Mongolia Over the millennia they mix with Iranian Saka tribe so some of them look a bit Persian. Uyghur facial feature range from Mongoloid to Persian to Indo European

The most ridiculous evidence of genocide in Xinjiang​

Jun 20, 2021

On YouTube, Twitter, Quora and other media, there are various so-called "evidences" about the existence of genocide in Xinjiang, but in fact none of them are convincing, because these so-called "evidences" are fabricated out of thin air.

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I love this guy's videos, most are in Chinese, but he does some stinging ones in English like these

Let's talk about American dreams in Chinese way!
Areas banned from BBC in China
Real shot! The Pandemic accelerated the collapse of China