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Lieutenant General
Ryo Takeuchi series "Beyond the mountain" retracing back his last journey 10 years ago filming his Yangtze series. First episode he visit "cliff village" with english subtitle
Japanese directors will visit Daliang Mountain again ten years later, just to show the diversity of China's 1.4 billion people! |Approach to Daliang Mountain 76,909 views•Apr 28, 2021

Ten years ago, Daliang Mountain was a secret place in the poor and backward western Sichuan. Ten years later, the Japanese director set off again to find his way to Liangshan. From Cliff Village to Zhaojue County, from the football team in the mountains to the Japanese subjects of Shuanghe Elementary School, when dreams are reflected in reality, what kind of face is Daliang Mountain now? Let us walk closer to Daliang Mountain and listen to the sound from the mountain! #日本主任镜下一个大凉山#