PLAN Type 035/039/091/092 Submarine Thread


039B Song's periscopes (penetrating type). Images of these are surprisingly rare.



On the side of the periscope it seems that there are different magnification options, as well as imaging through the eyepiece, projected on TV or Video recording.


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A quick question, why are so many english websites (wikipedia, naval-encyclopedia, etc) claiming that 09I has turbo-electric propulsion? These are not the most reliable sites... But is there an actual source to the claim?

The chinese sources are generally more ambiguous and alludes to a traditional turbine-reduction gear system. In general, Is there a somewhat reliable description on the propuslion of 09I?


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Shilao and Yankee touring a preserved 035G in Shanghai, with heaps of great footage of the inside showing off details of all the machinery.

After watching this I'm putting this down on list of place to visit this year or next.
Be sure to visit it during the winter or when the weather is not hot. Submarine museum tend to have no AC units turned on.


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I dont want to duplicate discussion but this is clearly OT on the 09V/VI thread where I shared the report before and I have a question on this particular aspect. The Carlson CMSI report claims the Type 09I hulls from the third to fifth boat were lengthened by eight metres. This is admittedly the first time I read about this, so is this accepted/confirmed fact or a dubious claim? The sourcing in the piece itself cannot be tracked down easily. Screenshot is from page 4. Thank you.

Screenshot 2023-08-18 171545.png
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