PLAN Type 035/039/091/092 Submarine Thread


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Is there any movement around the world for an universal launch system on submarines? I mean, why not launch torpedoes vertically too? You get the same advantages as adopting an ULS as on ships with space savings, easier maintenance, scale, flexibility, etc.
Vertical torpedo tubes would not be immediately reloadable by the crew, unlike horizontal tubes. If you look at the nature of VL tubes on subs you can easily see that they take up far more room than munitions stored horizontally. You also wouldn't be able to launch torpedoes vertically if you were close to the surface or on the surface.
All VLS are only able fired missiles and as have pointed right Iron Man it is useless for torpedoes

For reloading considering TL are close to the sea and if she is not calm it is a problem, it will go into the tubes...
2 solutions for reload from a " Platform " *and reload by the TL/exterior and some submarines not all have an internal system a " ramp "
With " ramp " **more easy no problems with the sea if it is not too agitated ofc but long weapon one by one !

The VLS is more easy to reload and advantage you reload simult TL and VLS with also a weapons load more versatile

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