PLAN Sovremenny DDG 136, 137, 138 & 139 Thread


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Are they the same boilers and steam turbines as in Liaoning and Shandong? Just not 8 but 4 boilers and two instead of 4 steam turbines?

Then at least it would be clear that such a drive system can be built in China, because Shandong was not taken over by Russia or Ukraine, but newly built in China.
Yes, the powertrain in Pr.956 and Pr.11435/6 uses same high-pressure supercharged boilers KVG-3 and steam turbines GTZA-674. The boilers of this type are quite demanding on the quality of water and most of them were ruined in the 90's when money was sparse in RuNavy. PLAN has a long record of maintaining essentially the same type of steam boilers in 051 and their successors.