PLAN SCS Bases/Islands/Vessels (Not a Strategy Page)

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Any information on how many years Vietnam wasted on the Cornwallis South Reef reclamation? It would be even better if we also knew how much they spent, but that is most probably top secret.


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Specifically this is a monument to the ROCS Taiping which re-established ROC control over the island after WW2.
yup and that's why the island is named Taiping, named after that ''american'' made warship that re-established control over the island after WW2. and what a travesty that the obama administration tried to bully Ma yingjeou to abandon his plans to visit the island.


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Pictures of 3 islands in the SCS.

Composite picture of Subi Island dated Feb 03, 2016. I have seen the yellow outline many times and I think it shows the final size but I could be wrong.

Huayang Island dated Feb 04, 2016. Not much change in size.

Yongxing Island in the Paracels, dated Feb 04, 2016. Its area has increased in the past year.


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More pictures as it seems that many of you "like" them.

Chigua Island dated Dec 26, 2015. We can see the lighthouse, two concrete towers, a steel tower, solar panels, a new massive building which dwarf the original outpost adjacent to it.

Dongmen Island dated May 5, 2015. It has a concrete tower, a steel tower, a new massive building which dwarf the original outpost. This new building is similar in design to those on other islands.

Subi Island dated Dec 23, 2015. The airstrip is 3 km.

Meiji Island dated Dec 24, 2015. The airstrip is also 3 km.



A couple of pictures of Yongxing Island preparing for the Spring Festival, a.k.a. Chinese New Year. Yongxing Island is in the Paracel Island group.

View attachment 24841
Red lanterns on a street in Yongxing Island.

View attachment 24842
Workers placing red flowers in front of a government building in Yongxing Island.
I can definitely see myself sunbathing on one of these islands. All they need is some fancy hotels and that's about it. I wonder how their beaches are...


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The first commercial flight took off on Saturday 6 Feb 2016 from Hainan's Meilan International Airport for Yongxing Island in the South China Sea following a major upgrade of the island's airport. The airport's renovation has increased its capacity to take larger planes, allowing it to accommodate Boeing 737s which can hold up to 200 Passengers.

CCTVNEWS reporter Han Bin at Hainan's Meilan International Airport on Saturday.

Reporter Han Bin boards flight.

Yongxing Island from the window of Boeing 737 flight.

Landing on the island.

Reporter Han Bin in front of the island airport.

The airplane on the tarmac.