PLAN LST.Yuting class.I'm impressed

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PLAN LST.Yuting class.I'm impressed!!

I'm impressed by the PLAN LST the Yuting class. From what I can gather the PLAN is building 4 of these. Outstanding. For a real invasion force they would probaly need 12 equipped with the "mystical" Jz-10 helo's it would be a formidiable force. Big Daddy Popeye is impressed with this ship!

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They (as do most of the other chinese LSTs) have the ability to carry/launch just 1-2 helo per ship, no? That's a bit limited... something along the lines of USN austin class would be more useful. Then again, in the concrete case of a taiwan invasion, the island is so close to mainland that PLA could operate choppers normally from land, supporting the landing of the troops. I'd also suggest more air cushioned craft, suggested 8 zubr class craft are a nice start, but that number is still not adequate.


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most of the chinese transport data on sinodefence and other sites are a few years outdated. the chinese have build 7 yuting by 03, and now its much more. minsk and kiev would be the perfect solution to a helocarrier for taiwan. the zubr is still considerd. but what is clear is that the invasion will no longer be the million man swim.

popeye will be impressed by nothing short of a chinese carrier bigger than a nimitz.


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no, I personally think the Zubr class will be more of a help, but this definitely looks better than what we have before.

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popeye will be impressed by nothing short of a chinese carrier bigger than a nimitz
Not really. Really :rolleyes: .. I am truely impressed with the shipbuilding ablity of the PRC. I am.

Will they ever bulid a Nimitz size ship? Probaly not. Why? They don't really need one. But several nice LPH/LHD type ships would be nice.

As far as this type LST goes the only draw back I see is the small size helo flight dek. But if the PLAN were to ever cross the Tiawan strait for some sort of confrontation the air cover would be supplied by the PLAAF. But a couple of LPH/LHA types would be nice. An LPD type ship that could carry six helos would be ok too. Perhaps in a few years we will see thease type ships from the PLAN.

I remember in the old forum seeing an artist rendering of an PLAN LPD. Anyone still have that picture? If so feel free to post! Thanks.


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they need CIWS on those ships... are those russian looking guns (dual 37mm or twin medium-caliber) russian or chinese?
the thing opening it's mouth.....


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It is known as Yuting-II, or maybe Type 072-III in its PLA designation. It was based on yuting but with some significant modifications. There are currently four of them but more are likely to be built in the future.

I will renew my page of this ship in the near future.

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MIGleader said:
a pla super heavy transport cruiser? are they actually going to build that monster?

yeah, what kind of air defence do the transports have anyways?
Not a heavy transport cruiser, but an LPH or LPD. The weapons are purely for self defence. Its main job is to land troops not surface warfare. That what the 052C, 052B, and Sovs are for.