PLAN Fleet supply vessels

asif iqbal

Nice but we need more information

how much fresh water can Type 903 produce on a daily bases ?

Chinese naval desalination plants come in what sizes?


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So, as of now:

2 type 901


1 type 905


1 type 908


8 type 903


That's 12 true AOR vessels, while a they have more auxialiary ships capable of limited At-Sea refueling and replenishment.

How many AOR does the USN has ?


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Nice. I was wondering what exactly was the sixth ship in the task force. So the sixth ship in the task they brought out was a tug which they can drill damage control procedures.

asif iqbal

This isn’t the 7,000 ton tug that was one of the 3 built in the last few years ?

now the Type 901 tanker will allow PLAN to do deep long range Pacific Ocean operations