PLAN Combat Information Centers (CIC) and Display Consoles


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China's carrier CIC, ZBJ series formation command and control ; The command scale of the aircraft carrier formation combat command system is campaign level. It not only needs to command the aircraft carrier formation (ship formation and air fleet) under its jurisdiction, but also command other joint maritime formations. It is worth mentioning that the PLan didn't imitate the USN's structure of full-time command ships such as the Blue Ridge class, (or the unique USS CG Shiho and its AADC module) in the development of command ships, but integrated different formation command system, adapted with the ship’s combat system.


The last image reminds me of the Ticonderoga class CIC, with its four large 42 by 42 inches monitors;


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This is a dedicated thread for Chinese Navy's combat information centers (aka combat direction centers) and their associated hardware such as tactical displays and consoles.

Prior to the advent of 054A frigates and 052C destroyers, PLAN's tactical console designs and CIC layouts appeared to be a hodge-podge of various origins and were produced in small batches. With the serial production of 054A and 052C series, indigenous consoles and CIC layouts became standardized. I will call these the first-generation consoles. The second-generation consoles appeared with the introduction of 052D destroyers and 056 frigates; they are also installed onboard the Shandong carrier, among others.

First-generation consoles:

Second-generation consoles:

According to the research paper below, the PLAN is working on a third-generation display consoles. The paper delves into the ergonomic and man-machine-interface aspects of a new radar-operator console design, with the goal of improving operator comfort and combat effectiveness. It also talks about optimal interface color palettes to improve operator information processing.

I remember reading at a very old blog some years ago that in fact the "1st gen" CICs you are showing here is 2nd gen, while the supposed "2nd gen" CICs you are showing is 3rd gen. From what I remember the real "1st gen" CICs are REALLY antiquated and obsolete, like 1980/1990s Soviet-style obsolete with analog displays and consoles only. From what I remember those 1st gen CICs are used in very old ships like the 051 and early 052s. Unfortunately I can't find the blog now so I'll post the photos here when I find it.
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