PLAN Anti-ship/surface missiles


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The CM400 AKG does definitely not an export YJ12. They dont even look the same.

I know, but my point is why does / can anyone thing that way and which "source" started posting this BS, which is now spread all over?


A missile being launched from the weapons test ship Hualuogeng. It could be an anti-ship missile or could just a target drone. Filing it here just in case.



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Looks to small to be an antiship missile. The box thing underneath could be an air intake but the picture is not clear enough to say for certain. Most likely it is a target missile though it could be an air to air ramjet missile being tested with a booster instead of air dropped.


A conceptual anti-ship missile that dives underwater for its terminal phase. The concept is designed to evade increasingly sophisticated and effective countermeasures. It seeks to combine the stealthiness of sea mines with the speed and range of missiles.



A related academic paper on a 'cross-medium' weapon, a hybrid between an anti-ship missile and a high-speed
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. Once the missile arrives at the designated area and locks on target, it dives into the water to detonate below the target for maximum destructive effect. Interestingly, the missile achieves great underwater speed by using
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, à la
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. The paper determines that in order to achieve supercavitation, the missile needs to enter water at a speed of >150m/s, at an angle of 10 degrees, with a rudder angle of 20 degrees.

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