PLA AEW&C, SIGINT, EW and MPA thread


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"Its characteristic is that the electronic support measures/electronic intelligence (ELINT) radomes both at the front and rear part are much bigger than those of Y-9JB, which means it has “electronic attack” (EA) capability beyond ELINT collection. "

Are there any other sources that say Y9JB has EA capability? Couldn't bigger radome just mean better detection capability?
A bigger radome means a larger flat panel antenna, meaning a phase array.

It can mean a more powerful phase array with more transmitting elements.

Or it can mean a more receiving gainful phase array with more or larger receiving elements.

Or it can mean the phase array has larger, more spaced out elements used for longer frequencies.

Or it can mean the phase array has more MIMO subarrays --- some for input, some for output --- to handle a larger communication capacity.

It can mean way too many things for one conclusion.