PLA AEW&C, SIGINT, EW and MPA thread


Lieutenant General
A few high-resolution images of various platforms from last week.







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Taiwan’s Deputy Chief of Defense staff has also noted that there have been drone intrusions in Taiwan’s southwest ADIZ, something that was not mentioned in the official website monitoring them. Evidently, there are gaps in the officially published data.
However, the reasons for the emergence of
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and Y-8DZ aircraft are more complicated than those of the other aircraft.
The circular antenna arrays on both sides of the middle section of Y-9G can passively intercept or actively counter circular polarized electromagnetic waves, targeting satellite communications systems, GPS and unmanned aerial vehicle defense system. That “conformal antenna” at the rear part of its fuselage could more flexibly intercept electromagnetic waves without affecting aerodynamics.
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is a new type of electronic intelligence gathering aircraft, entering into the PLA’s service in February 2019. There are only two in service. Its characteristic is that the electronic support measures/electronic intelligence (ELINT) radomes both at the front and rear part are much bigger than those of Y-9JB, which means it has “electronic attack” (EA) capability beyond ELINT collection.