PLA AEW&C, SIGINT, EW and MPA thread


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Certainly no short take off or landing.

The length from rear wheels to tip of boom seems to be about 90 ft and height about 18 ft , that gives tailstrike pitch of rotation about 11°. I'd say they have to be quite cautious with that thing. Normal airliners rotate at about 8-11° with ample clearance.


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Impressive images taken by Cook Lee during the rehearsals for the 1st Oct. parade. Quite interesting, these two Naval Aviation aircraft - a KJ-200H/Y-8W and a Y-8GX-8/Y-9JZ - both assigned to the 2nd NAD/NTC have introduced a prominent PLAN flag + title and individual numbers.

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KJ-200H no. 41 - for parade - 20190712 Cook Lee.jpg Y-8GX-8 no. 22 - for parade - 20190712 Cook Lee.jpg