PLA AEW&C, SIGINT, EW and MPA thread


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With the serial number 82039 - aka no. 09 - already the 9th KQ-200 ASW was spotted for the 3rd Naval Air Division assigned to the STC.

The so far highest number spotted within this NAD was no. 82034.

Image by SS7D-0027 via JP/Jetphotos

KQ-200 82039 - 20190430 xs.jpg

asif iqbal

I think we are into double figures for most of the special mission aircraft

Y-8Q, Y9JZ and definitely into the 20s for the KJ-500 AWACS

handful of Y-9DZ, Y9-XZ and Y-9G

overall good distribution of units of Y-9 platform and Y-8 category III

not to mention large production of the Y-9 transport

asif iqbal


interesting and it gets better

Also the one in the yellow primer (left) is a KJ-500 AWACS, we just can't see the rotodome due the tail of the foreground Y-8

so from left to right

KJ-500, KJ-500, KQ-200, Y-9G, Y-9G


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I know the focus is on the background birds but you know I kinda always have a soft spot for those old glass nosed birds.
same here. i remember seeing pixs of the couple of Y-8's sold to Venezuela and i loved that retro look inside with all the gauges and glass cone.