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Does he actually have a valid business case for this Kanwa Defense Review thing?


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Wow, Pinkov suggesting China is giving nukes to North Korea, or even nuclear submarines with SLBM capabilities.

I wonder if Pinkov thinks it's ironic that his China-bashing conspiracies contributed to COVID Asian hate crimes at all. They don't distinguish between CCP and Chinese people you know.

When Pinkov strays into politics and inserts his political opinion, it's almost ALWAYS trash. I will never buy another Kanwa Defense subscription ever again.


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Oh well ... as noted, I moved this thread from "Strategic Defence" to the Member's club room" since it has no longer any meaning ... anyway, the story continues and I once again got a warning from him:

Pinkov 4.1.jpgPinkov 4.2.jpgPinkov 5.jpg
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