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I can't believe that Pinkov is still around after all these years.
The "Chinese Military Forum" on, I think it used to be the most popular English board like 20 years ago. Most of the members have moved on (but looks like it's shell is still around).
He was even notorious back then for all his misinformation and "secret Russian sources".
You know, it's a little impressive in a way, he has managed to build his "business" still after 20 years.

I miss the days when photos taken by Chinese military fans had 禁止平秃盗图 water marks on them.


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I used to subscribe to English version of Kanwa Defense magazine published by Andrei Pinkov.

Then English version ended for some reason (people ripped it and shared it?)

Sucks, I love reading English stuff on Chinese military development, this guy Rick Joe/Bltizo who makes articles is good.

Yeah I hear that Rick guy is pretty cool. Probably really handsome as well.


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Oh no I just said this in jest. I don't think Temstar actually did this. If I still had permission to post on Chinese forums then I would have done it myself.

let's just say that Pinkov doesn't have the best reputation on Chinese forums. He gets about as much love as Gordon Chang.
I have a QQ account so I can read CJDBY and see the pictures but I can't post because I don't have a Chinese phone number for confirmation. I'll get that sorted next time I visit China (hopefully later this year).


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Pinkov would have shit on China for not having any aircraft carrier. Now that China has atleast Liaoning, it's all "decoration."

Can't win against these anti-China buffons. I swear, they intentionally say extraordinary things to get viewers. It's how media needs to work these days.