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Well this news has made me stand up and look!!! The outgoing CNS certainly has rattled the region with this announcement. Six heavy class Destroyers is no joke and if the recent procurement contracts are anything to go by, it means that the Destroyers would be of Chinese origin.
With below mentioned shopping list of PN in recent years and keeping the budget constrains in consideration, maybe they will opt for lease options and IMO, PN will be eyeing on PLAN assets (DDGs) when they will be available and same being rumored around PN circles too.

PN recently done an extensive shopping keeping in view the budget constraints ,,,,


8 SSKs (Qiung Class)
4 FFGs (054A/P)
4 FFGs/Corvettes (Milgem Class)
2 + 2 OPVs (Damen Class)
3 + 3 MPAs ( RAS-72 Sea Eagle)
2 Cutters for PMSA (054 Class)
4 Cutters for PMSA (056 Class)
6 MPVs for PMSA (600 Tons Maritime Patrol Vessels)
1 + 1 Fleet replenishment Tanker


SSKs (Agosta 90Bs) under process
F22Ps - Yet to start

With above mentioned list the chances for NEW acquisitions are less but there are talks/rumors in PN circles for leasing some DDGs in coming years, IMO they are eyeing on PLAN assets when they will be available.
To top that off, Jinnah Class "Frigates" will constitute further addition to Pakistan Navy's frigate fleet, aside from Milgem and Type-054. Whether the Jinnah Class frigates will replace F-22Ps or would be in addition to it, remains to be seen. Whatever the case, it is clear that Pakistan Navy is going grow larger than it has been historically.
No, F-22Ps would be upgraded....

It is an ominous sign, that Pakistan will protect CPEC at all costs. With a 700+ km coastline, three major Sea Ports, two of which are in close proximity to india. It is definitely a serious modernization program for Pakistan Navy.
2 - 3 more Sea Ports are in consideration under CPEC in Baluchistan and Sindh.
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Everybody's curry in a hurry, that's what!

Outgoing CNS Reveals Major Pakistan Naval Warfare Modernization Program:

Including (but not limited to):

1. Doubling of Major Surface Ship Fleet Size
2. Ship-Launched Ballistic Hypersonic Weapon P-282
3. Destroyers acquisition
4. Offensive War Plans
5. Indigenous Submarine Weapon Systems
6. Jinnah-Class Frigate
7. Naval Air Arm

Read on in the article:-

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Update on Pakistan Navy - MILGEM Class Corvette ..........

Pakistan Navy’s MILGEM class corvettes will be powered by General Electric LM2500 marine gas turbines.


LM2500 gas turbines for the Pakistan Navy’s MILGEM program will be manufactured at GE’s facility in Evendale, Ohio, U.S.A. for which
GE Marine has signed a contract with STM of Turkey.





Keel laying ceremony of 3rd MILGEM Class Corvette for Pakistan Navy was held in KS&EW SHIPYARD, KARACHI......

The Keel laying ceremony of 3rd MILGEM Class Corvette for Pakistan Navy was held. Minister of Defence of Turkey, Mr. Hulusi Akar was the chief guest. The ceremony was also attended by Minister for Defence Production, Miss Zubaida Jalal & Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Muhammad Amjad Khan Niazi.

Pakistan gave the contract worth over $1.5 Billion to Turkey for four warships in 2018, which was the largest defence export in Turkey’s history. The ships are being built by Turkish defence company Military Factory and Shipyard Management Corporation (ASFAT) and the Pakistani Defense Ministry’s Karachi Shipyard & Engineering Works.

4 MILGEM Ada-Class warships will be built for Pakistan, two in Turkey and two in Pakistan. These ships themselves are vastly upgraded versions of the Ada-class ships in Turkish service, which were primarily anti-submarine warfare multirole state-of-the-art corvettes. The Pakistani warships can be classified as Frigates with the addition of VLS surface to air missile launch capabilities, anti-ship cruise missile tubes, an increase in length and total tonnage as well as better radars and electronics among various other upgrades. The third and fourth ship will be entirely built by Pakistan by a Transfer-of-Technology agreement. After that, Pakistan will design it’s own frigate, which will be further extensively upgraded version of the MILGEM project to create a major surface combatant warship, a Pakistani indigenous Frigate, to be known as the Jinnah-Class frigate. Several Jinnah-Class frigates will be built and operated in Pakistan in the future.

The first and second ship initiated construction in 2019 and 2020 respectively in Istanbul, Turkey. The third ship initiated construction today in Karachi and the fourth ship by 2022. The first ship will be completed by 2022 and the remaining by 2025.

The Pakistan Navy’s MILGEM-class Frigates are 2800+ tonne modern multirole frigates, intended for anti-submarine warfare, air defence and anti-ship warfare. The warships will feature a 16-cell vertical launch system for surface-to-air missiles, probably a newer version of the LY-80 system with a range of 70 kms, a main 76 mm naval gun and two three-tube antiship cruise missile launchers armed with either the indigenous Harbah LACM/AShCM, or an indigenous supersonic AShCM presently in development by the PN. The ship will feature a Close In Weapons System (CIWS) for terminal and point air defense and two triple-cell torpedo launchers for anti-submarine warfare. The ship also features a helicopter deck and internal storage facilities for a navy helicopter.

The ship has a range of 9,300 kilometres and is powered by American General Electric LM2500 CODAD engines.

The electronics suit will be supplied by Aselsan at a cost of 215 million dollars which includes a main AESA S-band naval radar, SATCOM, a new network-oriented battle-management system, ARES-2NC ESM modules, ELINT and SIGINT modules, Electronic Warfare (EW) modules as well as the Yakamos hull-mounted sonar system. The Yakamos operates on a 7.5kHz band with active and passive detection modes. It offers a detection range of 30 km. The ship will also have state of the art HIZIR torpedo countermeasure system. The HIZIR is a complete suite consisting of a towed array, decoy array and expendable decoys.

Pakistan Navy says: “It will be technologically the most advanced platform, equipped with state of the art weapons & modern sensors. The vessel will contribute in maintaining peace, security & balance of power in Indian Ocean Region.”


Pakistan to replace Orion patrol aircraft with Brazilian jetliner


ISLAMABAD — Pakistan’s Navy has selected the Embraer Lineage 1000 jetliner to replace its P-3C Orion long-range maritime patrol aircraft, a source with knowledge of the program has confirmed to Defense News.

Outgoing naval chief Adm. Adm. Zafar Mahmood Abbasi
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that the Navy would replace its P-3C Orion fleet with 10 converted commercial jets, the first of which has been ordered. However, he did not identify the type.

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My dear I don't need to look just few pics of Al-Khalid on net ....

and I have quoted all the figures specifically in plain/naked form without ERA or Additional Armour


plz have a look at the attached pictures

View attachment 64169

the hollow space as indicated in the above attached pic is approximately size of 650mm [with out back plate] an it the place where where special composite armour is inserted plz see the below attached pics

View attachment 64172

after attaching special composite armour in the front cavity of the Turret, turret get the shape shown below keep in mind special composite armour offer better protection then RHA and +650mm protection is without including
- Back Plate
- Additional add on Armour

View attachment 64170

Now for Front of Al Khalid Hull I will attached pics in new post as receiving message that I can not attached more than 6 pic in a single post

pic from 2001
View attachment 64173
below attached pic is from 2003 and I have Highlighted ERA on top of the Turret, but want to mention that ERA or NO ERA no tank can remain safe from top attack anti-tank missiles as modern top attack AT missiles offer +1000mm penetration behind ERA .... this thing which you have highlighted is a non-issue
as AK have ERA at top of the turret [just there are not many pics available in public which shows full ERA coverage of AK tank] and NO Tank in the world offer +1000mm RHA at top of the turret ....
View attachment 64171

In the below attached pic you can see ERA at the side and top of the turret

View attachment 64174

but power to weight ratio is same in both tanks i.e. 25 horsepower per ton

For Al-Khalid Tank:
1200 (Engine horsepower) ÷ 48 tonnes (AK combat weight) = 25 horsepower per ton

For VT-4 Tank:
1300 (Engine horsepower) ÷ 52 tonnes (VT-4 combat weight) = 25 horsepower per ton

Nope Al-Zarrar would not be deployed at Pak-Afghan Border we are using tanks with small 100mm gun there
We are proud of the friendship between Pakistan and China., Pakistan is moving towards self-sufficiency in armaments. Long live Pak-China Friendship....
From pk-15 , JF-17 Thunder and Al Khalid to fifth generation stealth fighter jet project Azm

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