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LY-80 SAM deliveries to Pakistan complete

Recently, China completed delivery of LY-80 LOMADS to Pakistan, with the last batteries received by Army Air Defence. A total of nine batteries were ordered with an option of another three.
The first battery was received in Jan 2017 and simultaneously inducted into 1 LOMAD Regiment . 3 LOMAD Regiment was raised earlier this year, with another regiment expected to be equipped soon.

LY 80 (SAM battery) configuration:
1 x search radar vehicle (SV)
1 x command vehicle (CV)
1 x guidance radar vehicle (GV)
3 x missile firing vehicle (FV)
1 x power supply vehicle
1 x missile transloading vehicle
1 x electronic & support vehicle



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Pakistan eyes arms from Russia & better ties with Moscow in ‘changing’ world – PM..

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Step in the right direction for Pakistan. Time has come for Pakistan to move toward establishing greater ties with Russia. The "Cold War" days, when the world foolishly peddled the democracy vs communism hype, are over. Russia has broken away from the shackles and oppression of the Bolshevik scum and is return to it's Orthodox Christianity roots.

Pakistan has much to share with Russia, whether it be on the military front, or the economic front or the technologies front. People to people contact is also essential to enhance ties between the two countries.


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So this means that the two air-to-air engagements were undertaken by F-16s, not JF-17s, which were designated for strike missions.