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<<Kim Jong Un inquired in detail about the means of applying nuclear weapons, the technical specifications and characteristics of the structural operation of the new tactical nuclear weapons according to the purpose of operation and objectives, the interchangeability with different systems of 'weapon and others. >>

Then attach photos of the inspection of means for applying nuclear weapons whichdue to the size the North Koreans have succeeded in the miniaturization of nuclear warheads






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Also present is the Cruise Hwasal-2 tested in recent days, a presence in this location which suggests that it may also be armed with a nuclear warhead.


interesting photo of the missile. his eye looks at us


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got a feeling that the missiles displayed so far (hwasal and that 600mm MLRS) are to adopt common nuclear warhead package.
If such are the case then the NK might have special 600 or even adopt Soviet 650mm torpedo tube for cruise missile purpose.

Such might also change my assumption for the Hwasal. I always think it's a 533mm class weapon. The photo seems to depict identical diameter between Hwasal and the 600mm MLRS. It would indicate heavier weapon and might explain the seemingly long booster stage shown during launch video.


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More interesting question is what type of warhead that is? As far I know they still haven't tested or deployed tactical weapons so we're probably looking at weaponized version of that "silver peanut" thermonuclear device (200-300kt yield).


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North Korea touts new spy satellite​

North Korea says it has completed work on its first reconnaissance satellite and is preparing for its maiden launch, stressing the need to bolster its military capabilities amid continued threats from the US and South Korea.

After visiting the country’s space development agency one day prior, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un
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the new military satellite on Tuesday, saying the tech would enhance Pyongyang’s “war deterrence” given Washington and Seoul’s “anti-DPRK military posture.”

“Under these circumstances, it is only natural for our state to develop military deterrence commensurate with the current… security environment, and acquiring and operating military reconnaissance means is essential in enhancing our military effectiveness,”
Kim said, as cited by the state-run Korean Central News Agency (KCNA).

The leader said successfully launching the spy satellite – which he simply dubbed “military reconnaissance satellite No. 1” – is currently the “most crucial primary task” for the military, noting that its first voyage into space is scheduled for later this month.

Last December, Kim said North Korea had carried out an “important final-stage” test for putting a recon satellite into orbit, suggesting the military has made gradual progress on the new technology.

Pyongyang has carried out a flurry of weapons tests over the last year in response to joint US-South Korean military drills, which it considers rehearsal for an invasion, and touted several new weapons in recent months. In March, the DPRK showed off an
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which it said was capable of producing “radioactive tsunamis,” while last week it claimed to have successfully tested its new Hwasong-18 intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM).

Washington and Seoul have repeatedly condemned the North’s weapons tests, but have refused to scale back military operations around the Korean Peninsula, insisting the live-fire war drills are purely defensive in nature.


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North Korea, recent satellite imagery acquired on May 1, 2023 showed ongoing modernization and expansion at Sunchon Air Base. from the photos of a group of aircraft which included a single Mig-29 and 8 SU-25 there is also an aircraft of unknown lines with approximate dimensions with a length of about 13.8 meters and a wingspan of about 10.4 meters.
Do you have any further information regarding this aircraft?