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  1. stoa1984

    North Korea 'Military Reconnaissance Satellite 1' (군사정찰위성 1호)

    [DPRK] Military Reconnaissance Satellite 1 V1.0i © First published 5 March 2023; Updated 30 May 2023 1. Table of Contents 1. Table of Contents 2. Introduction 3. Background 4. First disclosure 5. First announcement 6. Notifications 7. Specs 7.1. Specs of the satellite 7.2. Specs of...

    North Korea Military News, Reports, Data, etc.

    North Korean Navy Unveiled A New Type of Anti-Ship Missile With Live Test Firing...
  3. O

    THAAD and North Korean missiles (Thread Closed)

    Under the current political climate THAAD may be used against North Korean missiles, what are your best guess against how effective THAAD is? Questions: Does North Korean missiles have any maneuverability(MARV) or countermeasures against ABMs? Have THAAD been designed/tested against targets...