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5-10 years to build a train line? taking into account how fast chinese companies work, and the fact that only now the train was unveiled, i doubt that. I think that the train/track are still in development phase.

The train is 600 km/h. Calling it "first 600kmh train" could have been a public statement lapse/mistake.
Since you don't know seem to know much about how engineering works, let me explain. When there is a project reveal, that typically means the engineering is complete. There is no further development required, which for a train system would be the locomotive, tracks and signalling are all completed since they come as a package. What is probably not done is the procurement for land to put down the tracks and construction.

So when people say 5-10 years to completion, all that is left is building the line and testing it.

They can say first km/h line because it would be the first commercial line. Japan's maglev is only meant to go commercially at 500 km/h if it ever does get built, but who knows when.

Also, announced speeds are operational speeds, and not max design speeds. So Japan's 603 km/h max speed which the system is designed for is the same as China's announced operation speed. The Chinese design/max speed could be 100 km/h more at 700 km/h, we won't really know until they test it.


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The japanese maglev has a maximum speed of 603 km/h (world record), and an operational speed of 500 km/h.

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I havent seen any source that provides above 700 km/h maximum speed for the chinese maglev. Seems to me that 600 km/h is its maximum speed.
I am aware of the speed of Japan's maglev, 603 and 500.

I made the 700 assumption based on the naming convention of China.

The train set is labeled as CF600-0001. This means speed class 600km/h.

The latest conventional train set in China is CR-400. It's operation speed is capped at 350km/h. It's designed top speed is 420km/h. So the 400 designate somewhere in between.

Going by the same convention, CF-600's top designed speed is certainly above 600 km/h, and it is not just few km above, but in the tens.

It is common practice that the operational speed is always lower than designed speed because the terrain and curvature of tracks in real life. The extreme top speed reachable on a perfect test environment is much higher than both two.

Japan's speed record 603 was done on test track under perfect condition. The similar thing has been done by France in 2007, a TGV reached 574.8 km/h on a new (better) commercial line. But their operational speeds are both much lower. This is to say that a train's capability of extreme speed is much higher than its designed top speed and real-life operational speed. And if China designate its train as 600 class and if its operational speed is 550, it has to be capable of much higher speed than 600 just like Japan and France. If we go by operational speed 550 and take Japan's example, a test track top speed of CF600 would have been 660 km/h. If we take TVG as a reference, it would be above 700km/h.

Of course 700 is never going to be in real life, but the capability has to be there or at least very close to it, otherwise it would not be put into service. This is common practice all over the world.


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The train is 600 km/h. Calling it "first 600kmh train" could have been a public statement lapse/mistake.
It is not a mistake. The train is designated as CF600. If you know the naming convention, you should know that CF600 means 600km/h class just like CF400.

CF400's operational speed is 350km/h capped but designed top speed is 420km/h. Going by the same convention, CF600's designed top speed is certainly above 600 and operational speed is above 550km/h. This 600 class is the speed for real-life operation, not for record breaking like Japan's 603. This can be proven by the fact that Japan's operational speed is only 500km/h.


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You know there's a lot of envy when the opposition knit-picks a few kilometers. There are still dinosaurs who think China can't best them. Biden is talking democracy versus autocracy. China isn't trying to force anyone to be like them. Under the guise of democracy, the US is trying to force everyone to follow their system in order to control everything not because it's the best. They complain when China lands rovers on the moon and Mars something the US has already done. So who's the one that thinks they have a right to control everyone's move? And they're for freedom...? They mock China yet China landed on Mars successfully on the first try. The first successful US rover to land on Mars was equivalent to China's but the Chinese had an orbiter, a lander, and a rover. The technology to have a video image shown in a pane of window glass is out there. It's too expensive to make it commercially viable until China figured it out. How long has the Japanese had their maglev? And it's still not commercial. Everyone knows China can make things readily available. In their envy they make excuses like China will take shortcuts when it's really it costs too much for them to do. And guess who'll reap all the rewards making technology commercially available to the public? All these sanctions by the West on China are not because of human rights violations. It's just an excuse. The reason is because everything else.


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Regulators see the ride-hailing giant’s decision to go public despite pushback from the Cyberspace Administration of China as a challenge to Beijing’s authority, the people said, asking not to be named because the matter is private. Officials from the CAC, the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of State Security, the Ministry of Natural Resources, along with tax, transport and antitrust regulators,
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on-site at the company’s offices, the cyberspace watchdog said in a statement.
Effing good; these outright traitors decided they could pull a fast one by going ahead with the listing before the Chinese gov. and finalised cyber regulations.
Hopefully, there will be more than a few heads a-rolling from this.