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Senegal aims for digital sovereignty with new China-backed data centre​

DAKAR, June 22 (Reuters) - Senegal will move all government data and digital platforms from foreign servers to a new national data centre in hopes of strengthening its digital sovereignty, the president said on Tuesday.

“I’m instructing the government from henceforth to migrate all state data and platforms to the data centre. We have to rapidly repatriate all national data hosted out of the country,” President Macky Sall said at the launch of the centre.

Financed with a Chinese loan and built with equipment and technical support from China’s Huawei, the data centre will tap into global networks through an undersea cable as well as the country’s own 6,000-km (3,730-mile) fibre optic network.

State-owned businesses such as Senelec, the national electricity company, will also move their data to the centre in tandem with government agencies, Sall said.

The centre will serve both the public and private sectors, and offer a cheaper infrastructure to Senegal’s growing community of tech startups than entrepreneurs will find abroad, he added

Sall said the centre will boost Senegal’s internet connectivity and position the West African nation as a technological hub for the entire region.
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Lieutenant General
Power is the blood line of industry without it there is no industry. China just start the operation of Beihetan hydro station a massive 16000 MW unit easily the 2nd largest hydrostation in the world

This guy Gun Sam Wong put it in statistic

Few things that put this hydro station ahead of the west.
(1) Construction started 2017 and commercial operation started on July 2021. In the west it can take twice as long.
(2) China has developed the biggest hydroelectric turbine of 1,000MW each. The world still regard 800MW unit as the biggest. China has already broke the rocord with 850MW hydro unit in Wudongde which is the world's 7th largest. It completed all its 12 units just before Baihetan produces electricity commercially.
(3) Baihetan is the worst second largest power plant. The previous No. 2 was Brazil's Itaipu hydro that has 14,000MW. Baihetan has 16 units of 1,000MW turbine so its rated output is 16,000MW.
(4) Baihetan elecitical power is to be transmitted over thousands of km to serve the provinces in the eastern coast. That means China has the world most advanced power line transmission system using ultra high voltage in DC.
(5) Baihetan hydro is China's indigeneous design and manufacture.
(6) China's electricity charge is among the world's cheapest. This enable China industrial output remain competitive relative to thw western democracy. Electrical power is widely available to all areas and not like in the west only to those who can pay contribution to the installation cost.