New Type98/99 MBT thread


A brief operator’s guide for the APFSDS round used by the ZPT98 125mm smoothbore gun, which is equipped on the Type-99 MBT.

Quick translation:
Muzzle velocity: 1740m/s
Range (target height at 2m): 2136m
Dispersal at 1000m: 0.25mx0.25m
Penetration performance: 220mm RHA at 68.5° at >2000m
Length of the round: 1088mm
Weight of the round: 21.36kg


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220mm of RHA at 68.5° at 2000km is very bad compared to other rounds which can achieve 500mm at similar angle and range.


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Its most likely 220m thick plate at a 68.5 degree angle which is as Jobjed points out is approximately 600mm RHA. It does however just say over >2000m, so we know that it is at least 2km distance. Its pretty good, will penetrate or mission kill the vast majority of tanks out there, especially in the hull or sides.


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If you ever wanted a visual representation of "amateur" I present you...
I'm no authority on tanks, but here is my take on the effectiveness of most APFSDS rounds.
If you shoot a good, modern tank with a good APFSDS round like the one above, this is what I reckon is true. Sure there are flaws to my 10 minute bodge job, but I think it is largely and generally accurate.
Screen Shot 2019-04-02 at 22.13.55.png