New members introduce yourselves!!


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Hi Everyone,
I've already been posting for a month now, but thought I would introduce myself.
I'm from Canada. I mostly lurk and vent on the HK protests, but I was looking through some old photos of mine and also remembered some past experiences, which happened to coincide with the army equipment section.
I've been watching PLA since J-10 was sight unseen, Su-27 was new and pride of the PLAAF, 167 was flagship of PLAN.
Here is one of my old pictures just for fun.


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Politicians views my portion are Social Democratic of 2014's then were it the Left Party in EU 2019's then a portion racially in 2018's but ain't up of capitalized more was portion fascism then I am living in Sweden and I am trying do my better choices in the Community and of course liked military Power of the United States Power the United States still a Power in the best world then might have smaller Power usually Israel, Swizz, Sweden, Finland, Czech Republic, Japan, China, Vietnam bigger allies to and big enemies to more like Venezuela and United Kingdom when I trying tell the bigger treatment just Russia and North Korea.

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Hello guy! I'm a medical sutdent from Guangzhou, China.

Welcome NCC7, and what particular aspect of medicine draws you into that field??? I'm sure you will find this a very fine forum and looking forward to hearing your take on all aspects of the defense scene!


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Hi everyone, thanks for having me here. I'm a young urban professional that travels abit for work. Currently in Canada working on a warehousing and freight forwarding assignment and have an interest in military stuff. I read more than I post and have been reading for several years before signing up recently. Look forward to asking more questions and hearing from everyone.


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Hi folks,
I was born in Alabama, USA, but currently reside in the EU. I am 23. My background is in IT.
I have a longtime interest in military technology and history and read this forum with gusto.
Thank you for having me in!