New members introduce yourselves!!


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Hi Lilian, I'm the Air Force Brat, welcome to SDF, I'm sure you'll enjoy the discussions and friendship here, and some of us are even gentlemen.. I do have a granddaughter named Lilian...

I'm sure we'll appreciate your legal viewpoint, and hope you enjoy learning about the military and technological , and please familiarize yourself with the rules... I too am very interested in the J-20 and I would dare say its our most active thread. welcome Brat
Thank you Brat.
I’ve got a lot of greetings.
All of you are gentlemen indeed.:)


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Hi everybody,

been reading this forum for years and years, registered more than 4 years ago and this is my first post.

Used to be a physicist in my home country, but now doing policy work for an international organisation in Brussels, Belgium.


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Hi all, long time lurker here and you may recognize me from good ole Been interested in China for a long time and have been there twice, on official business. I would also like to give my salutations to the venerable bd_popeye who introduced me this forum waaaaaay back. Good to see you still kickin' Chief! ;)


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I've been a lurker of the forum for the lady couple months and finally got my membership approved the other day.

Professionally, I'm an apprentice chemical engineer with a minor in pharmacy. However, I've been interested in International Relations and the military for many years.

As an Australian, I take an explicit focus on China due to the large ripples they're leaving in the East Asian political sphere. Accompanying this, my nation's attempted shift to orient itself as a part of Asia under the Rudd government; accompanied by the overwhelming election of conservative, highly anglocentric forces as represented by the Abbot government serves as a point example of how divided western nations are, regarding the rise of China.

Chauvinism is often rebutted with an inappropriately warm embrace of a nation with intents and values that strongly conflict with much of the interests of the US. Australia fails to walk the line between her greatest Ally and her most generous creditor.

This post isn't a great personal introduction but I hope it serves to contextualise my attitudes and approaches I take on this forum.

Happy OSINT hunting!