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Really? I was not aware there were any immediately obvious results from CPEC project. The big military hat for a train operator seems very strange. You will not find that in China anymore except actual military officers.

Is Pakistan mostly a textile producing nation? With EU sanctions looming or at least ever present as a threat, how do you feel Pakistan will deal with industrial and economic realities that are looming - automation, increased manufacturing moving to places like Thailand, Bangladesh, Vietnam, and Philippines... even India, rather than Pakistan. What are Pakistan's plans for making money and developing industries in the future? Which industries are likely? I personally doubt CPEC can be much more than a pit stop and one route between China and Europe. Pakistan may make some change from ports and servicing the trade but it has quite a population to feed and provide jobs for just to get onto the path of development.
These hats,
The immediate changes are highways, train, buses, cheaper higher quality Chinese cars, couple other things not necessarily representing the economic changes per se but just the opening up of the market to china

It was a textile country but late 2000s energy crisis/ WOT shifted those industries to the countries you mentioned

Now it's agriculture, IT service exports, some manufacturing, economy is relying on service sector to survive nowadays

I have seen government focusing on IT sector and it has definitely grown and has potential, manufacturing in SEZ (but I feel it's a lost cause as our electricity is too expensive), Agricultural reforms with tech since it was a breadbasket of SA throughout history and has potential to export food to other rich countries, Pharmaceutical companies have seen growth in recent years due to governmental focus thier

I 95% agree with you on CPEC but if it actually ended up like how you and I predict, I don't think 60$ billion debt would be worth it for a country like Pak and will effectively make it a debt trap as there'll be no way to pay back that money

This is sad " report card" I guess since our economic model was shared with S Korea in 60s (who to thier credit copied it effectively) with expectations of us being the Asian tigers but than the growth stopped when a Psuedo cammunist showed up and nationalized the industry stopping the growth
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Hello! I am a Pakistani-American undergrad student living in Buffalo (go Bills!!)

My run in with this forum started when I went to Pakistan 2-3 years ago and I saw the transformation taking place in the country

Thier infrastructure looked world class, they had international level malls, good cars, clean cities and Chinese influence (for example they had this subway type train project and the Pakistani operators were wearing this big millitary hat that they have in cammunist nations, Chinese written in random places)

This got me interested in the whole China-Pak relationship especially the CPEC project

and ofcourse I am also an American so suspicion of China and it's goals in my home country is natural...

So in my research I went into the rabbit hole of CPEC trying to understand from Chinese perspective what's in it for tham, thier ambitions, will they take advantage of the devoloping nation and in the rabbit hole I came across this forum

And after some lurking I liked it, people cammunicate respectfully without insulting other people and the millitary conversations here is top class

I definitely feel y'all take America way too light and it seems China is already a superpower which I think is totally a circle jerk and will cost dearly (if this is the mentality shared by the Chinese "powers to be")
Buffalo Bills but you're a big fan of that QB Pat Mahomes huh...How are you loving the harsh winters in Buffalo, New York bud.


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Buffalo Bills but you're a big fan of that QB Pat Mahomes huh...How are you loving the harsh winters in Buffalo, New York bud.
Patrick the player is one of the most entertaining in the league

But doesn't mean one should stop supporting the local team

Winters are time when we wait for summer and summers are mostly cold and rainy

Pathetic weather...


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"Now my military knowledge is trash compared to majority of y'all but I'll try to catch up, fingers crossed lol"
To cross one's fingers is a hand gesture commonly used to wish for luck. Occasionally it is interpreted as an attempt to implore God for protection. The gesture is referred to by the common expressions "cross your fingers", "keep your fingers crossed", or just "fingers crossed


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hi there my name is Petko but most friends call me piko or pi im born in 1986 im stupid nurse and national defense expert
i love aviation and space plus nursing so yah thats me i live in Bulgaria's capital city Sofia that's all


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Hello I am English living in Caribbean, Japanese wife. Long interested in all military stuff. PLA has become a bit of an obsession these last few weeks!